Superintendent’s Message

TorchThe time has come for me to hand the torch of school leadership to another Superintendent, Mr. Robert Dunton. The metaphor describing a flame of light passed along from one to another has carried mythological significance in many cultures from the Native Americans to the Ancient Greeks. We, of course, have witnessed the torch relays at the opening of each modern day Olympic Ceremony. I have given some thought to the meaning of this reference and believe it best captures my feelings as I leave my friends and school family.

The flame emblazoned by the torch represents the precious gift of fire that Prometheus stole from Zeus and gave to humans so that civilization could prosper. Fire, likened to light, also represents learning or revelation. Hence, it is fitting for me to see this aspect of change in school leadership as entrusting the future of education and learning to another who promises to keep it shining and even make it brighter.

As I pass along this flame, which symbolizes educational choice and high performance standards for all students, I hope to view its continued journey as it is carried to the horizon of my sight. I feel confident that the dream for a better school model and exemplary learning environment is now shared by the critical numbers of teachers, staff, parents and students, so that the vision and the mission will survive. Our Board of Trustees shared this goal when they selected my successor, Mr. Dunton. He has his work cut out for him; he is ready; he is experienced, and he is motivated. So please welcome our new Superintendent to the Burnham Wood & Vista del Futuro Charter School Family!

MISSION Our mission is to work in solid partnership with the family and community in order to prepare children to accept responsibility for their own learning. We offer students a framework that encourages lifelong learning through skills building, creativity, a sense of self-worth, and ethical values necessary to survive and grow in an ever-changing, diverse, global, society.

CURRICULUM We provide a rigorous, integrated curriculum with an Arts, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) focus. This model allows students the necessary time to develop intellectually, socially, and artistically. Classes are small and our teachers promote a personalized learning environment that advances our core values: respect, responsibility, quality of self and work. Instruction includes:

  • Phonics-Based Reading Program
  • Self-Paced and Mastery-Based Instruction
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Pre AP & Advanced Placement Courses in MiddleSchool and High School
  • Optional Suzuki Violin and Piano lessons
  • Double Math Periods
  • Robotics and Engineering
  • Graphic Design and Media
  • Dual High School and College Credit
  • Community Service and Internships Performing Arts classes: guitar, strings, band, dance, choir
  • Visual Arts

Da Vinci Recieves U.S. News & World Report Recognition

DV News Award 2014 The Da Vinci School for Science and the Arts serves grades 5-12.This outstanding STEAM Academy(Emphasizing science, technology, engineering, arts and math) has been recognized by U.S. News & World Reportas one of the top high schools in the nation for the 2013-2014 School Year! Da Vinci students share their success on Telemundo News Broadcast! To view the video click HERE!

“My eight year-old daughter has been playing the violin for three years now thanks to the Suzuki Violin program that the school offers starting in Kinder. It is so rewarding to see my daughter advancing academically and musically! ” – Melodya Salaices

Supplemental Suzuki Violin Program

Violin PictureSeveral Elementary students at Vista del Futuro and Howard Burnham Elementary Schools have enrolled in an after school violin instruction program. These enrichment classes are taught in group settings several times per week. The students are provided with opportunities to perform throughout the year in the school and in the community.

Board of Directors

  • Mr. Leonard Lidiak, Retired President Emeritis, State National Bank
  • Mr. Carlos Kaplan, Businessman and Parent
  • Mr. Eric Braham, U.S. Government Postal Employee and Parent
  • Ms. Amy A. Nichols, Attorney, Kubinski & Nichols, P.C. and Parent
  • Mr. Stanley Esparza, Technical Support Coordinator, TelerX and Parent
  • Mr. Eric Summer, Senior Software Engineer, Exelis, Inc. and Parent
  • Ms. Iris Burnham, Founder & Superintendent

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2015-2016 Enrollment Season Begins
Re-Enrollment February 1st – OPEN Enrollment March 1st

The Burnham Wood Family of High Performing Schools will begin accepting enrollment for the 2015-2016 School Year from any resident in El Paso County. Vista del Futuro will offer grades Kinder  through sixth. Da Vinci School for Science and the Arts serves grades five through twelve. It has been designated a Distinguished Texas STEM Academy by TEA. Howard Burnham Elementary School was the first charter school to open in El Paso. It serves grades Kinder through fourth. Your child can attend our schools. There is no tuition. These are public, charter schools. Give your student an opportunity to achieve in a world class learning environment. Applications for new students will be posted on the website and available at the schools front office beginning March 1st. Throughout the Spring and Summer months we will be offering Open Houses where you can learn more about our schools. The following are the Open House dates and times for each of our campuses:

HBE: 3/4/15 @ 6:00pm, 3/7/15 @ 9:00am, 3/18/15 @ 6:00pm, 3/21/15 @ 9:00am, 3/28/15 @ 9:00am

Da Vinci: 3/5/15 @ 6:00pm, 3/7/15 @ 10:30am, 3/19/15 @ 6:00pm, 3/21/15 @ 10:30am, 3/28/15 @ 10:30am

Vista: 2/28/15 @ 9:00am, 3/4/15 @ 5:00pm, 3/7/15 @ 9:00am, 3/28/15 @ 9:00am

Updated 2.2015

  • Board of Directors Agenda Updated

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Go to College for Free! Scholarships Available! Click HERE for more information.
Financial aid incentives have increased drastically and there are multiple avenues that students can explore for getting free money for their education.

G0019608Da Vinci High Altitude Balloon Release January 10th, 2015! Check out the full article in our Da Vinci Newsletter or Click HERE!

Austin Trip 2014

The 2015 Da Vinci Freshman and Sophomores visit Austin, TX! Check out the full article in our Da Vinci Newsletter or Click HERE!

2014 DaVinci Trip to UTMSIThe 2015 Da Vinci Seniors visit the UT Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas, TX! Check out the full article and video in our Da Vinci Newsletter or Click HERE!

Updated 12.2014

You Should Know…

Updated 2.2015

Picture Day 2HBE will have class picture day on Monday, February 16. Class pictures are $12.00 and payment (made out to Lifetouch) is due on Portrait Day.  Students may dress up or wear their school uniform.  No jeans or T shirts.

Updated 12.2014

Congratulations! Texas Honors Circle Award! For a third time, the Texas State Comptroller has recognized the Burnham Wood Charter School District with their prestigious Texas Honors Circle Award. This year the high performing Howard Burnham Elementary School has been selected as one of only 347 schools and 25 charters in Texas to be acclaimed for its high academic performance and fiscal conservatism. More info.

Updated 11.2014

IMG_2616 (2)Kinders See their Monsters In 3-D Thanks to Da Vinci Art Students For more information read the article in the HBE Newsletter or click on the link above!

You Should Know…

Updated 3.2015

Picture Day 2Vista del Futuro will have class picture day on Thursday, March 5. Class pictures are $12.00 and payment (made out to Lifetouch) is due on Portrait Day. Students may dress up or wear their school uniform. No jeans or T shirts.

100th Day(2)Students celebrate 100 days of school by making signs and masks for the parade. Click HERE for more pictures.

Friendship Dance (1)Vista del Futuro held their Friendship Dance on 2/13/2015. Click HERE for more pictures.


Updated 2.2015

trophyCongratulations Vista Del Futuro for being a TEA Rewards School!!

A high-performance reward school is identified as a Title I school with distinctions based on reading and math performance. Vista Del Futuro was also recognized as one of two elementary schools in the Region 19 area to meet 6 out of 6 distinctions for 2014.

School Locations

Howard Burnham

7310 Bishop Flores El Paso, TX 79912

Phone: (915) 584-9499 Fax: (915) 585-8814

Da Vinci

785 Southwestern Dr El Paso, Texas 79912

Phone: (915) 584-4024 Fax: (915) 581-9840

Vista del Futuro

1671 Bob Hope Dr. El Paso, TX 79936

Phone: (915) 855-8143 Fax: (915) 855-8179